AFC provides support to caregivers and their loved ones. AFC is designed for individuals who have a medical or mental health diagnosis that prevents them from being able to live alone. It is a MassHealth-funded program that originally started out as the Adult Foster Care program, where frail elders or individuals with disabilities were cared for by non-family members who were paid to provide care in their homes. However, as the program evolved, MassHealth allowed family members to become paid caregivers, provided they were not the legal guardian or the spouse.

Each AFC individual and their caregiver is visited by a registered nurse or care manager monthly. These visits can be as short as 20 minutes or much longer if the family has questions or needs extra support.

Individuals in the AFC program may work, attend high school or adult day program services, receive hospice care, have DDS and Frail Elder Waivers, or home health agency services; however, the individual may not have Personal Care Assistant (PCA) services.
Caregiver requirements:

Mature individual 18 years or older
Must not be the spouse or legal guardian
Must not abuse alcohol or drugs
Provide ongoing supervision of health-related activities
Maintain a safe home environment
Complete documentation of care provided

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